Frankenlift Group Buy - Good until 09/12/07


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May 20, 2007
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Frederick, MD
Looked into getting a group buy set up for the Frankenlifts and here it is!


Heather's Response

Just so you know, this group buy will be the ONLY group buy for the Frankenlifts -- so if someone wants to get in on it, this is the ONLY chance they will have for group buy pricing...ever. We never discount the Frankenlift and we have never done a group buy on this kit, so this is a great opportunity for anyone who wants the kit and would like to get a discount on it too.

The status of the Premium II kits is that we are waiting to get the OME132L shocks - we should get them around September 21st or the week after.

All 06 KJ models (GAS and CRD) need the brakeline relocation brackets. Sorry, there is no discount for this part -- it is $30.

Since Jeep'in by Al has been taken over by another person, the pricing for dealers has changed - the entire structure of how I order as a dealer has actually changed too. So, unfortunately I can't give a discount on the A-arms anymore nor do I sell them directly. The new ower has set up an "Affiliate" program instead of a dealer program. However, if anyone wants to buy a set of A-arms, please have them go to the following link and order, I can give an additional $10 discount on the Frankenlift they order from me when they use this link for buying an a-arm setup from him. Here's the link to use when ordering the a-arms:

-- Please have them send me a screen print of their completed order for the additional discount.

Prices for the Frankenlifts in the group buy when they also purchase an A-Arm using the link above -- for those not purchasing a-arms using the link above, add $10 to the prices below:

Frankenlift II Premium: $899.99
Frankenlift I: $750.99

Frankenlift II: $1059.99 (includes the core charge)
Frankenlift I: $941.48 (includes the core charge)
For people in the group buy who have CRDs....the core charge will be refunded upon our receipt of the core parts -- directions for returning the cores will be on the invoices.

Anyone in the group buy will be required to place a deposit of 50% upon ordering. The remaining amount due (including shipping), will be debited the day the kit ships. Everyone in the group buy must called in his/her order no later than September 12th. They must also give the following discount code to be in the group buy: FL912GB. This offer is good for NEW ORDERS ONLY.

If you have any questions, please feel free to let me know.

Heather Thomas
All J Products, LLC
4x4 Jeep Specialists