Come offroading with us 1/20/19 & 2/9/19


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Nov 13, 2016
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In case you missed out we regularly plan weekend and single day trips to [Rausch Creek Offroad Park](Rausch Creek Off-Road Park) and [Anthracite Out Door Adventure Area](AOAA FULL THROTTLE EXPERIENCE | AOAA Trails) over in /r/NJ4x4. Both of these parks are located in Central Pennsylvania. We do not charge to attend our group rides, you just pay the park entrance fee.

**We got a lot of request for a trip that stock - slightly modified vehicles can tackle.** We're joining up with [Route 901 Off-Road Service Center]( for their Friends & Family Snow Ride on Sat 2/9/19. This group ride will have dedicated trail guides going on 3 seperate difficulty levels.

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**"Green"** is aimed at first time off-roaders, or anyone looking for a liesurely, scenic trail ride though the woods.

**"Advanced Green"** is for those with prior off-road experience, looking to challenge themselves on more difficult terrain, without getting into big rocks. "Blue" is for more serious off-roaders with modifed Jeeps, on trails consisting of basketball to beach ball sized rocks with the occasional larger one here and there. Stock vehicles are welcome in both "Green" and "Advanced Green".

**"Blue"** requires a minimum of 35" tires and a functioning winch.

These rules just apply to this specific group ride. The park will let you try any rated trail you want. If you come with a group of 2 or more you can go off on your own and not stick to the group but what fun is that.

For those of you that meet the requirements for Blue trails should expect a challenge even if you normally run Black or higher rated trails as there will be snow and this changes the game up a bit.

If you're not sure about your vehicle or just have any questions don't hesitate to message me.

Our next trip is to Rausch Creek is this Sunday 1/20/19. We will be running Black or harder level trails (the snow may kick us down to Blues depending on how much we get).

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