545RFE to 65RFE Swap

Discussion in 'CRD KJ's Section' started by Pol, Dec 5, 2019.

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    Hey all, My 05 CRD's tranny is on the fritz and I'm thinking it will be cheaper to just swap a new trans in than anything else. I've been reading the the 65rfe is physically the same as the 545 with some upgrades to the pump. I'm trting to figure out if I can go to the wrecking yard, but a 65 for $400 and call it good.

    If that doesn't work. I can buy a 545 for around $200 with the hemi TC in it, or I can buy the hemi TC new for around $200 as well.

    Decisions, decisions.
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    Don't know about a swap, computers and programming might be a factor. The folks at Green Diesel Engineering have a tune for the CRD transmission. You might want to run your idea by them.

    Hemi TC and Suncoast TC are supposed to be an improvement. A new pump and trans-go kits are popular upgrades. Valve bodies have cracked.

    I have no personal experience with any of these upgrades. More info at LOSTJEEPS.