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    front axle pieces parts

    I replaced that stupid plastic bushing with an actual bearing and a new seal. the intermediate shaft now has just over .001" of up and down movement. compared to having so much play I could feel the clunking of the shat hitting the bushing. today I am going to install the cv axle onto the...
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    front axle pieces parts

    well, I FINALLY HAD TO adress this situation. the vibratoin even at low speed have gotten bad enough to force me into action. I have the front end torn apart. and what I am seeing makes me really scratch my head wondering what the heck is going on. the intermediate shaft has something similar to...
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    Fuel pressure regulator kj2006

    "doubtful. If you go to that much work to pull the pump, why not replace it? With something OEM. Don’t skimp here." +1 here, I can tell you from experience to do this repair the correct way! In my last vehicle I went the "cheap" route 4 times (I bought the first pump, it was replaced twice...
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    Block Heater

    Yeah, I wasn't worried about it starting (and yes, I do use synthetic oil), I was hoping to be able to get a "head start" on getting heat inside the cabin. I'm getting old, and a little bit of electricity cost would be worth it to me if I got heat sooner. I put a new thermostat in it at the same...
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    Block Heater

    My Liberty was built to go to Alaska (I looked it up), and it came factory equipped with a block heater. which of course, is not working. is there a fuse somewhere in the 110v line someplace, or is this a if it doesn't work, it's junk type of thing?
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    vibration during accel and decel

    my jeep has developed vibrations that ALMOST mimics a bad front u joint (rear axle) vibration, meaning that I feel it thru the seat. I rebuilt the front driveshaft not very long ago, but just to be sure i tried to make it move also. which it is tight. it happens mostly during accelerating and...
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    So I was doing some light wheeling last weekend, nothing crazy, mostly just loose sand and hills. so I clicked the t/c into 4 hi. upon returning to the road, I clicked the t/c back into 2wd, and noticed that the light on the dash now said PART TIME, which it should read when I was in 4 hi. I did...
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    Drive shaft ?

    I am glad to see you have a mechanic lined up. but you (he) needs to figure out WHY this happened before you buy a bunch of parts. if something in the transfer case or transmission let loose, it may very well not be worth fixing.
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    so I was given a set (4) 245/70r16 Goodyear snow tires. but after looking at them (they seem pretty "beefy"), they are not going to clear things in my stock semi sagged suspension KJ are they?
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    front axle pieces parts

    so a little while ago, I determined that my front cv axle and intermediate shaft have worn far enough, that I am going to have to replace them. so I was looking at the parts diagram for my Lib, and noticed that there are either bearings and or bushings (the parts manual calls them both in a...
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    water pump housing pipe tap threads?

    never mind. I am just blind. there IS a plug in there. its black, and installed from the back side. my 17 year old could see it, but until she showed me with a flashlight, I just could not see it.
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    water pump housing pipe tap threads?

    so i was replacing the serpentine belt, and while i had it off, i decided to spin each component powered by it to make sure i didn't have a bearing going bad someplace. the water pump seemed a little stiff, so i popped it off to take a look. it turns smooth, but has a bit of resistance. which...
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    Dreaded P0420 help.

    well, this is interesting. i had no idea about sensor spacers. where do you get them? is it a common part that most auto parts stores carry?
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    Proper Pressure

    what, is the chalk test?
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    Proper Pressure

    Certainly if your driving very aggressively you run that risk. I personally have never had an issue at 15 psi. One place you have to give tire pressure a lot of attention is in very rocky terrain. to much pressure can result in a bent (or broken if its aluminum) wheel, but to much, and you will...

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