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    Drive shaft ?

    I am glad to see you have a mechanic lined up. but you (he) needs to figure out WHY this happened before you buy a bunch of parts. if something in the transfer case or transmission let loose, it may very well not be worth fixing.
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    so I was given a set (4) 245/70r16 Goodyear snow tires. but after looking at them (they seem pretty "beefy"), they are not going to clear things in my stock semi sagged suspension KJ are they?
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    front axle pieces parts

    so a little while ago, I determined that my front cv axle and intermediate shaft have worn far enough, that I am going to have to replace them. so I was looking at the parts diagram for my Lib, and noticed that there are either bearings and or bushings (the parts manual calls them both in a...
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    water pump housing pipe tap threads?

    never mind. I am just blind. there IS a plug in there. its black, and installed from the back side. my 17 year old could see it, but until she showed me with a flashlight, I just could not see it.
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    water pump housing pipe tap threads?

    so i was replacing the serpentine belt, and while i had it off, i decided to spin each component powered by it to make sure i didn't have a bearing going bad someplace. the water pump seemed a little stiff, so i popped it off to take a look. it turns smooth, but has a bit of resistance. which...
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    Dreaded P0420 help.

    well, this is interesting. i had no idea about sensor spacers. where do you get them? is it a common part that most auto parts stores carry?
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    Proper Pressure

    what, is the chalk test?
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    Proper Pressure

    Certainly if your driving very aggressively you run that risk. I personally have never had an issue at 15 psi. One place you have to give tire pressure a lot of attention is in very rocky terrain. to much pressure can result in a bent (or broken if its aluminum) wheel, but to much, and you will...
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    Proper Pressure

    I run 35 PSI on all of my vehicles. the tires wear evenly, and i get good fuel economy. the only bad thing about that pressure, is i feel every bump and surface irregularity on the road. if you want a SMOOOOOOTH ride, I would run something like 27 PSI + or - a few. but you will wear the outer...
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    17” Rubicon Wheels on a Liberty

    personally, #!, I LUV the convertible look! but i would have to wonder about wind buffeting at highway speeds. back on topic, I am not a fan of wheel spacers / adapters. car companies / engineers spend a great deal of effort and money to make vehicles safe. if wheel spacers were strong enough...
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    2006 Jeep liberty has a rumbling noise coming from underneath

    oh, p.s. if you have to take your Jeep to a shop, stay around the shop while they are changing the fluids, if there is a problem with the oils, they will probably want to show you what they have found.
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    2006 Jeep liberty has a rumbling noise coming from underneath

    Are you, or one of your friends mechanically inclined enough to change the front and rear axle fluid, and transfer case oils? if so, that would go a long way to see if all 3 of them are in decent shape. if any of the oils come out silvery, then that is going to require further investigation. if...
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    my liberty has a new noise. its intermittent, and only after the vehicle has completely cooled off. it sounds like a deep moaning knock, on the passenger side. it sounds like a dry bushing type of bearing that is both knocking and vibrating and moaning like there is enough play to allow the...
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    2004 Liberty running hot **SOLVED**

    > Additionally I lossened the purge valve, and it never stopped bubbling, even after an hour of letting it run, it never stopped bubbling. That is odd to me. " that seems odd to me as well. the "oh no" might be a leaking head gasket. i know that there is a way to check if this is the problem by...
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    2004 Liberty running hot **SOLVED**

    FWIW, I completely removed the thermostat from my Liberty (3.7L) after a complete cooling system flush including removing the radiator and flushing it. in normal temperatures (70-85) my Jeep runs between 165 and 180 degrees running down the highway (with the A/C running @ 85 outside temps. to...