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    Tow with the 07 or buy a truck?

    I absolutely love that picture! I don't even have ask if you had fun...
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    Check Engine Light on Trail - then Blink and Beep

    I was thinking battery output or possibly an accessorie drawing power did anything get scraped or pulled (wiring) connector. Or possibly bad fuel??? Or this might sound stupid check your oil cap. I was drift crashing last winter out in flats some get kinda wicked bounced the battery out of box...
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    Odd squeaking sound, maybe a U-Joint.

    I agree I got ours from a Jeep dealer I've known for years. I got a new 2019 in June of 2020 full warranty and oil for life. I have my own tech/mechanic there that does all my warranty work he's old school motor head. That and my son works at Chrysler. But that's the last and first one since...
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    Odd squeaking sound, maybe a U-Joint.

    I have it all back together and drives perfect I got Lucky. I agree I love working on the older vehicles I'm glad my Compass is under warranty. I pulled shock fork/tower all you need is 1 1/2 inch. You can pull CV Axle, moves free much easier as long as you don't have any other damage.
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    Odd squeaking sound, maybe a U-Joint.

    I just basically wanted to add a note for info to keep in mind. I've changed suspension parts on many vehicles for 40 years. Our Liberty had noise unrecognizable and hard to figure where it was?And we recently had lower one that failed in the middle of the road shifting into drive causing to...
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    Odd squeaking sound, maybe a U-Joint.

    Has anyone checked the ball joints I had a conversation earlier about same noise. When the lower ball joints start to go they make noise that is hard locate it will drive you crazy. That and there's a factory recall in 02- 08 Libertys. Bad ball joints that required immediate replacement. There...