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    Traction Control Hack for 2005

    All, Have an interesting one here. My 2005 has exactly the same ABS module (MK25E) as the 2006, which has Traction Control. As I want to be able to make use of Brake Lock TC functions whilst offroading, I did a meticulous comparison between wiring diagrams of the 05 and the 06, and the only...
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    photo9 001

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    photo12 001

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    photo8 001

  5. Jeep Rear

    Jeep Rear

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    photo10 001

  7. Jeep front

    Jeep front

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    IMG 1789

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    IMG 1791

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    IMG 1482

  11. Before and After - Camil (and some Berakah)

    Before and After - Camil (and some Berakah)

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    Traction Control on KJ

    Thanks for all the replies! Took my KJ through a trail in south of Johannesburg called Berakah (2-5) and it managed all the obstacles pretty well - however, bottomed out insanely! Hence a suspension upgrade is defo on the books. Looking at Ironman - approx 2' lift I believe. (Any good?) Good...
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    Traction Control on KJ

    Hi all. New to KJ and new to forum! I have an 05 manual with no traction control. Can one add traction control to the KJ, seeing that it has ABS system? Failing that, what are the locker options? Are they worthwhile - and probably more pertinent - are they really needed? (I'm not...