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    Tire load rating

    I ran BFG A/Ts in LT and never had an issue with sidewalls. Think it just depends on the tires.
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    New Member from Great Britain

    1/4" plate is probably overkill for a skid plate, and at 10+ pounds/ sq ft, kinda heavy too. The factory is probably 1/8 or less. Given a formed shape (not a flat piece of steel) has inherent strength, any large spans can be braced by welding additional steel to the top side. 3/16 would be more...
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    2006 Limited CRD for Sale

    Where is it now, how much, pictures?
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    New to Jeeps

    "The Rubicon's NV3550 five-speed transmission is found in '00-'04 model years. It bolted to the back of the diesel without any adapters. The earlier AX-15 will also bolt up." according to this article. Of course, you'll need a...
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    what engine should i put in my 2005 jeep liberty

    Well the 3.7 is supposedly 3/4 of the 4.7 Magnum, so I would think it should bolt up to the transmission. Since the CRD would shred the transmissions that came with the 3.7 though, I would think you would have to do an upgrade to a 545RFE transmission like the CRD. Then you would have to address...
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    Speedo works but Odometer doesn't

    Every time that happened to me, it was because the sensor leads in the top of the rear differential corroded away. You can get a new connector at autozone.
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    06 Liberty Diesel Idler Pulley

    ah similar to a 4bt / 6bt runs off the timing gears. BTW, I ran across something reading about Detroit Diesel / Mercedes / VM Motori ownership, and it could be said that the engines in the liberties could be called a Detroit Diesel
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    06 Liberty Diesel Idler Pulley

    Fan doesn't. You might be able to get away with it on a straight highway, but start and stop traffic, and you'll be steaming. BTW, are you going to loose your brakes? I'm not sure where the vacuum pump is driven.
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    06 Liberty Diesel Idler Pulley

    NP, yeah mine went out. The pulley seized up, and it took out the serpentine belt in the middle of a turn. Which made it REALLY DIFFICULT TO COMPLETE THE TURN when the power steering went out. Not to mention, I was now stuck and had to wait for AAA to load up my Jeep and take me home. Like I...
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    06 Liberty Diesel Idler Pulley

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    2006 Liberty Sport 3.7 EVAP system nightmare. Seeking info, suggestions, help.

    So, might I throw you in another direction? Two things peak my interest. Smelling fuel vapor, and hard starting after fueling. The whole evap system uses vacuum from the engine's intake manifold, modulated through the purge valve. The system draws a slight vacuum on the fuel tank, filler neck...
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    Engine issues, running rich with bad gas mileage, stalls, hard to start

    You should be able to monitor PID's with a decent OBD interface. I use a bluetooth reader with my smartphone, using the torque app. I have a CRD, but you could probably check fuel pressure values, pedal position %, etc. You are kind of really hampering your efforts to fix issues, without at...
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    O2 sensor replacement gives better gas mileage

    Also, coolant can cause o2 sensor failures, so certain things like a blown head gasket can kill them.
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    New to Jeeps

    Envious! Mine runs great at about 200k. Wouldn't worry about pulling that trailer. I've pulled a 3000# 23 foot sailboat on a tandem axle trailer with mine. Had to do the drive shaft U-joints at around 185k, both went about the same time. Friend's CRD I think ran into the rocker arm issue, so I...
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    Towing Capacity Questions

    Here's a good rule of thumb with most vehicles: Don't tow more than you weigh. If you have a fifth wheel setup, you can go higher, because some of the weight is supported by your vehicle, and thus, you have more traction, and control. A normal ball hitch, say class 3, can pull 6000#, but is only...

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