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    1. bearpuoo
      Hi, I have 04 Jeep Liberty limited and was looking for LED light bar installation on the roof above window shield. I found your respond in the forum. I was thinking about putting the light bar either on the front bumper or on the roof. Can you help me with this? I need more information from you since you installed it. My email is [email protected]
    2. mindbomb
      I do not understand the process of banging on the knuckle, what is it used for, the clevis ring install (never got this part) and all the jacks required to lift the CVs/LCAs. I don't understand much in suspension so I don't know how to "just disconnect the sway bar" or othaer jargon like this.

      See if you can help me out with any of the questions, sorry in advance for bombarding you but others here are too technical or answer short non informative answers.

      Did you have to remove some parts from the engine compartment to get to the coilover screws?
      What was the problematic part of the lift and how did you solve it?
      What resource did you use during install for instructions?
      What tools did you use? Did you have to rent some hydraulic jacks and more stuff from a local shop?
      Did you complete the whole lift by yourself?
      Any more tips/ideas/rcm'd prep work will be greatly appreciated.

      Thanks a bunch!
    3. mindbomb
      Hey man

      Congrats on the lift, way to go!

      I read you had some trouble during the install and since I am intending to get the exact configuration of lift you got (OME/Bilstein, no UCAs, 1/4" plates, maybe 1/4" clevis ring) I thought I could consult with you about the install, the results and the process.

      First I must say I have 0 experience with DIY car mechanics so I'll have a friend help me but I want to be the source of knowledge as he doesn't know the KJs.

      first - I couldn't find a proper link with the install steps well explained - some on lost just get too technical / some has broken image links etc, others I just don't understand the jargon and the part names - I understand taking apart the front suspension to get it to a store to do the coilovers and the installation of the springs / shocks in the rear. Easy.
      <continued in next message>
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