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    Jo6pak's WK2

    Still have the WK2?
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    New tires! Toyo Open Country AT3

    Good catch!
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    New tires! Toyo Open Country AT3

    Finally got these put on. $905 OTD for all 5, on sale. The KJ is Rolls Royce quiet now! I love these tires, had them on the Rene so it was an easy choice. Need to wash the KJ though!
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    What did you do to your jeep today?

    Mine hasn't worked since 2015 lol.
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    KJ has new shoes: Hankook Dynapro ATM long term review

    Officially ordered replacements. These will have about 55k on them when I take them off. They are loud as hell, grip is still decent. Not to the wear bars yet, but found a good deal on Toyo Open Country AT3s.
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    Help me pick new tires!

    Made my decision... Toyo Open Country AT3s. Blain's Farm and Fleet was having a sale and ordered a set of 5, mounted and balanced OTD it'll be $900. Not too bad these days!
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    Liftglass open message

    Thanks! I should make sure that the issue isn't in the harness first though.
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    Liftglass open message

    Getting this message in the EVIC...even though the glass is closed. I took the tail gate trim panel off and poked around and didn't see anything awry. Tried some contact cleaner on the plugs for the sensor and still got the error, unplugged it and the error went away. It looks like to me the...
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    Front prop driveshaft questions

    Which CV blew? Can get either end and just rebuild it.
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    Help me pick new tires!

    Trying to decide on tires for the KJ. I have Toyo Open Country AT3s on the Rene which I love and have Nitto Terra Grapplers on the LR3 which are great (have had 3 sets of those on the LR3 and 2 on the KJ). The KJ isn't a DD anymore, still gets driven often, but thinking of going something more...
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    Transmission scare VLP 42RLE

    I used a Wix filter in mine, no issues.
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    What did you do to your jeep today?

    Syl Glyde! You're the one that turned me onto it.
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    02-07 (KJ) Polyurethane Front Differential Bushings

    How will these impact NVH? Will they transmit more vibration to the vehicle since they're solid?
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    LTT's KJ Up For Sale

    This one is light Khaki, not white, U-Haul needs to update the pic. :D
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    OH dear did it this time

    I might look at these for mine next! Also thinking heavily about the Toyo Open Country AT3s, put a set on the Rene and love them.