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    If a torque converter fails in the woods, does it make a sound?

    My guess is a worn or broken shift fork or collar.
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    Help - how to diagnose a bad catalytic converter?

    I don't know if this applies here, but this might be a nugget of information all y'all might like to know: I used to have a '91 YJ (I'm pretty sure this is the vehicle this happened to) and the innards of its catlytic converter came loose and turned 90°, then wore itself into the discharge hole...
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    New here.

    I noticed that several people wrote about checking the fuel pressure at the valve on the right side. Since you wrote that you're not very mechanically inclined, you should know that the fuel system has to be pressurized before you check for pressure. Fuel pressure decreases to zero over time...
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    2002 Limited 3.7L Engine Repair/Replace Advice

    I'm finishing up an engine replacement in my wife's '03 with tons of rust (she loves the thing, otherwise we would've junked it). The old engine had a head gasket leak that turned into bent valves and a hot mess of internal noise. I found a 3.7 at the yard from a Durango for about $1300 (I...
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    Stuck Getting Engine In

    Got it out! Mostly just needed a reinforced metal Dremel cutting disc, an old screwdriver, and a large persuader. The torque converter fits like a glove. The TC is back in and the engine is back on its mounts. Final alignment and bolt-up will re-commence soon.
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    Stuck Getting Engine In

    Howdy, folks! The weather has been really nice here in central Illinois these last two days, so I decided to play out in the garage. I pulled the engine back out of the car so I could pull the torque converter out to see if I could bolt it onto the flex plate first. It turns out that the donor...
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    Rear Drum Brakes-HELP!

    By this time I would be looking at my local you-pull-it junk yard, and if that didn't turn anything up, fabricate a new one from bar stock or flat steel. $120 is a crime.
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    Drive shaft ?

    After reading this thread, I've decided to offer my two-cents-worth. Based on your photos and your comment that you couldn't move the vehicle in 4-hi or 4-lo, I think something catastrophic happened inside the transfer case. It may have locked up and, with the forward motion of the car at the...
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    Help! Need to remove radiator 04 Liberty

    I suggest taking the bumper cover/grille and headlights off; it's pretty easy. Once you expose the bumper itself, the brake line is right there. You may be able to leave both the radiator and condenser (mostly) alone.
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    Heater core replacement

    Pro Mechanic Tip If you ever have a pinhole leak in your radiator, pour in two tablespoons of ground black pepper. It really works.
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    Central Illinois.
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    Good choice for a delivery vehicle. I'm also a rural USPS carrier. One thing I didn't see mentioned is tires. Since you mentioned gravel is on the route, you might want to consider getting 10-ply tires. Also, watch those hard stops! The scanner sees all and knows all!
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    12 kk overheating/limp mode

    Perform a compression test on all cylinders as well as a pressure test on the cooling system. Edit: Never mind -- I see you've already covered that.
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    Stuck Getting Engine In

    Nope. I don't know how to do that. The shop manuals don't say anything that I can find and YouTube videos don't show that. I laugh when the word t-r-a-n-n-y get's redacted!
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    Stuck Getting Engine In

    That's a pretty good idea; I may try that. But it's getting the wobbly TC to move up a little to get its hub into the drive plate's socket. Grrr! Anyways, it's off to the garage...