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    On towing with 31's and not regeared (yet)

    I used to run a similar weight boat on 245 75 16 duratracs on stock gears and auto. ran 90 km/h at 2400 rpm and got 15 mpg. Just for another data point. If i was going to keep the jeep 4.56 in a jba diff was the next step.
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    OME $$$ in Canada; RC mech issues; and Dobinsons height... alternative bilsteins pricing for fronts in canada, dont' buy the rears won't work for lifted.
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    What did you do to your jeep today?

    My issue with a Jeep truck is that if it has the tow capacity of a JK or JL, its not useful. Who wants to tow 2000 - 3500 lbs with a jeep truck, I could have kept the KJ to meet or exceed those specs.
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    Better to idle in Park or Neutral?

    When its really cold like I get up here; I find the diff fluid stiffness is a far larger concern than trans fluid temp. The first km/mile is pretty slow just to make that a little more liquid like. By then i'm not concerned about trans oil temp. Keep off your steering stops if its really...
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    Rear glass only unlatches with keyfob

    I think the solution was replace the 10 ( or 1 if your looking at cost) dollar part and make it another 8 years.
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    Rear glass only unlatches with keyfob

    your switch on the door handle is dead. Mine shorted out and would randomly close/open the circuit and pop the rear glass.
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    What did you do to your jeep today?
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    What did you do to your jeep today?

    The factory clamps work with the gates hoses i used.
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    re-gearing to 4.10

    you could consider finding a used Dana 30A from a 4 cylinder that will be 4.10s. You won't find a rear axle for the swap. I seem to recall something about metric ring gear bolts on the 2006 and 2007's. i'm sure somebody will remember.
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    Cheap Hood Vents!

    Nice Hyundai work bench. Vents are nice too.
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    Help! Cut Amp Wires at Connector

    more info, infinity system? stock head unit, trying to bypass the amp? etc? try posting in general too as this is the how to section and this is diagnostic.
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    On a Mission: 50mph rumble did you buy one of these when you did you lift? I never did one on mine and the drive to the dealership after i put it back to stock when i sold it was quiet and vib free leading me to believe it was all pinion...
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    What did you do to your jeep today?

    Both are equivelent. Number 1 is what was standard in the recall as the fix. number 2 is what came standard on my 2007and probably other years.
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    BFG Rugged Terrain vs All Terrain?

    AT KO2's on my truck are great. They are heavy and offer about 80% of the traction of my duratracs when i had them on the jeep in snow and such. Way quieter than the duratracs. But they are heavy and they don't make C's. The rugged terrain are mostly for show on the sidewall with a...
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    what oil grade do i need for a truetrac

    many still run 80w90 with good success if your as cold as I am and want your diff to turn in the morning when its -30 or colder. Based on my limited knowledge of Israel, I'm going to guess hot and 85w140 works just fine.