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    Honestly Blunt Review #3 12V Auto Waterproof Fuse Relay Box Block Kit Best B.ang for your Buck!

    Very neat and needed if you do any serious deep-water wading...which I do not! Have you waterproofed your PCM and TCM? Seems to me those will get into deep water before the Fuse-Relay box! The ECM connector on my manual CRD looks reasonably waterproofed but I would not trust it for any serious...
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    Need help with code or knowing if my ****** is bad

    Download the Jeep KJ 2003 Service Manuals here:
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    Constantly Alarming

    Does your Export Jeep have a console type box located on the ceiling about dead center inside the Jeep? This is a form of movement detector. Let us know if you have this. If you lock the door with the Remote then unlock the door with the key the alarm should go off no matter what alarm is...
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    Speed sensor location/code p0501

    I had a loose connection on the diff sensor on my Export 2002 CRD that stopped the speedometer from working. I fixed the bad connection and speedo worked fine but the CEL light stayed on for a few days before going out by itself.
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    New here from Delaware

    Yeah I have a 2002 Export CRD from it to bits! Totally agree with you as regards the uncomfortable seats...I have to pad them with various cushions. Some of the newer models I believe came out with better seats. Aircon and heater have been untouched since new and this is a pretty hot...
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    Squealing/grinding noise

    Is this Export KJ of yours a gasser or a CRD? My 2002 Export 2.5 CRD has 410 gearing in the rear diff and Tracloc which requires the Mopar Friction Modifier added to the rear diff when replacing the diff oil. I noticed a "binding" at the rear when doing tight turns on the Tarmac at slow...
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    5v at fuel pump

    Is the battery in good shape? Should not drop below about 10 volts while cranking. Definitely check the main grounding points. Both battery connections must be clean and tight. The negative battery lead going to chassis/ground must be clean and tight there. The two grounding straps coming off...
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    5 speed manual trans

    Make sure you use the correct specification gearbox local Jeep Dealers tried to persuade me that ATF+4 was the correct oil for the 5 speed manual gearbox!!!Wrong!! ATF+4 is for the Transfer case! The link to the Jeep KJ Manuals I sent you has the list of the correct fluids for your...
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    5 speed manual trans

    Yeah I have the 5 speed manual problems at all. Is the oil level correct and has the correct gearbox oil? I presume you have downloaded the relevant manuals for your Jeep here: If you are looking to replace the clutch at the same time read...
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    Error codes

    Yeah those manuals are extremely important! I have them on my Laptop and never travel without my Laptop and Voltmeters etc. in case I get stranded on the open road. My ex GF pranged my Jeep into a tree which caused lots of wiring damage which I have fixed over the years..not happened again for...
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    4 wheel drive

    Yeah my sensor on my 2002 Export CRD manual has gone completely dead. I was on a wet muddy steep uphill section and was about to slide into a major ditch to my rear. So I yanked up the lever to put the Jeep into 4 wheel Part Time as the handbrake was not helping! The trouble with yanking up...
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    Help guys... Please.

    Have you downloaded the 2006 Jeep KJ Service Manual below? At the bottom of the Index Page is the DTC Index. Look for this code in the DTC index and go to the page given...9-604. It will show you a simple Logic Diagram and give some advise...I would re-plug all the connectors shown on that...
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    Error codes

    I have the same vehicle as you have! Download the 2002 Jeep Service Manuals here...tells you a lot! But very important is to download the section: 2.5_2.8 export diesel. This main 2002 Manual gives you the description of what the codes mean and what to do about them. Problem is that they...
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    A/C Resistor trouble

    My Jeep is coming up to 20 years old and still has its original Resistor pack. However lots of owners have had the original resistor pack give up on them and the upgraded..ex Sebring .... resistor pack works well for them. Something may have changed in the motor design over the years which...
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    CRD Loosing power and Blowing smoke

    Yeah that is it...the OP needs to clean the MAP sensor!;) Nothing stopping him from cleaning the MAF sensor as well!