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HOW TO: Power Steering Pressure Line Install ('03 Limited)

This is a discussion on HOW TO: Power Steering Pressure Line Install ('03 Limited) within the How To forums, part of the Jeep Liberty - KJ (02 to 07) category!
Here's another way to install a high pressure power steering line. This was done on my wife's '03 KJ Limited ...

In this section it explains how to do installations and modifications.

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Thumbs up HOW TO: Power Steering Pressure Line Install ('03 Limited)

Here's another way to install a high pressure power steering line. This was done on my wife's '03 KJ Limited without HD cooling.

Tools Needed:

15mm socket on breaker bar (to remove serpentine belt)
16mm and 18mm flare wrench (for power steering line fittings)
14mm box wrench (for power steering pressure switch if equipped)
1/4" drive 10mm socket, swivel joint, and 12" extension (for power steering line bracket bolts)
Flathead screwdriver
T20 Torx screwdriver
Dremel with cutoff wheel
Magnetic wand

Here's a pic of the offending line - note the wet spot where the rubber hose is crimped into the fitting. My wife's KJ only has 45K miles, but it is almost 10 years old, so I guess it was due.

Personally, if you can wait to do the job when you're due for an oil change, it'll make life a little easier. The oil filter is in the way and needs to be removed so you can get to the fitting on the power steering line. Also, removing the serpentine belt will gain you a little room to work as well. To remove it, you need a 15mm socket on a breaker bar - put it on the bolt that goes throug the middle of the tensioner pulley, then push down on the tensioner to release the belt.

Now, I wasted a lot of extra time trying to reach the bracket from inside the engine bay, and finally went a different direction. This is much easier!

First step, remove the grill. There are 4 T20 screws across the top, and then it is hooked into the bumper cover below. Just rotate it down and it should pop out without any issue. Next, remove the headlight assembly. There are 2 T20 screws holding it in.

And here's a closeup of the area just below the headlight bezel, and behind the harness that runs across the grill support. I used a cutoff wheel on my Dremel to remove a 1" square section of the grill support to gain access to the bolts holding the power steering line bracket in place.

Now, here's a shot looking inside the hole. You can access one bolt through here, and the other through the factory opening right next to it. Use the 10mm socket on a swivel joint to get in there and remove the bolts. A magnetic wand is your friend too, to grab the bolts.

Once the bolts holding the bracket are out, you can loosen the fittings to remove the line. On the earlier KJs ('02-'03) there's a power steering pressure switch. Disconnect the harness and move it out of the way. The fitting down by the rack is 18mm. Once you pull it, some fluid will start to dribble out.

The fitting under the power steering pump is 16mm, and is relatively easy to reach as well. Once this one is removed, the pump will puke out whatever
fluid is left in the reservoir.

Once all the fittings are removed, you can fish the line out.

I bought a new line from Autozone, which included a new bracket. They give you all the hardware to build the bracket, and a plug for the hole in case you don't need the pressure switch.

You'll need to swap over the grommets where the bracket gets mounted to the body. Use a flathead screwdriver to separate the metal sleeve and then slide the grommet out.

Swap the grommets over to the new bracket, and swap your pressure switch (if equipped) over. Use a new O-ring; you can pilfer it off the supplied plug.

You need a 14mm box wrench to R&R the switch.

Installation is reverse of removal - connect the fittings first, then line up the bracket and bolt it down. Here's a few pics of the finished assembly.

Now refill the reservoir, and reinstall the headlight and grill. Don't forget your oil filter and serpentine belt. Start it up, check for leaks, and watch the fluid level in the reservoir. Top off as necessary.

Hope this helps!!
Steve - North Jersey
'06 G35x - a few mods...

'03 KJ Limited - only 45K miles, Mopar slushmats, '06 KJ Limited 17's.

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Be very careful about those supplied o-rings.Been finding all but the OEM hoses are coming with normal rubber o-rings which is a big no-no on our PS systems.Rubber will expand and break down with the correct ATF+4 that belongs in our PS systems.You need Nitrile o-rings,or any other material that is not effected by ATF.
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Exclamation It may sound silly but....

I am having the same issue and I replaced the High pressure line, in fact I bought the same one from Autozone. I am not a expert mechanic by any means, but I was able to get it done. The leak stopped for about 2 to 3 weeks and then started back up again. I thought maybe I had stripped something whether it was the pump or the male fitting going into the pump, so I bought a new pump, still no luck. The fluid is leaking in the same spot it was before. It is leaking out of the back side of the compression fitting on the high pressure line. It is just streaming out. So my question is, The o-rings supplied with the new hose, dose that go on the end of the line or is it supposed to go on over the lip and between that lip and the compression fitting??? Hopefully this is just an instance of me being an idiot.
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Awesome instructional. Did mine today and it took about 2.5 hours.
Great idea on the oil change to get the filter out of the way and removing the serpentine belt. Drilling a couple of holes in the plastic under the headlight with a hole saw worked perfect. I went out and bought some stubby wrenches that came in handy (16mm and 18mm). It helps to have a couple bright, well placed lights to see what you're doing. I also had a helper keep an eye on the threads to make sure nothing was crossed. Thanks for the tip on ordering Mopar o-rings. I ordered 5 just in case, dropped and lost one in the driveway. I'm known for doing that. A PITA, but not too bad to do on your own. Something I hope I never have to do again. I'm surprised that hose lasted 159k miles.
2004 Liberty Limited - 156k mi
-PML Transmission Pan with Lubelocker Gasket
-Weathertech floor liners (worth every penny)
-Low profile cross bars (waiting for a roof basket and lights)
-K&N Filter

It's on its: 2nd set of rims, 3rd set of pads/rotors, 3rd water pump, 3rd serpentine belt, 2nd 4wd sensor, 2nd oil sensor, 2nd set of dash lights, 2nd set of lift gate/hood struts, 2nd set of shocks/struts, 2nd sway bar links/bar bushings...
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