Toyo Open County AT3 - LT225/75R16

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Jun 3, 2022
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somewhere between London & Zunny Deb'n (England)
So, I got them fitted weekend before last, only to find they're not AT3's at all - but AT pluses, which, despite the M&S marking aren't Winter tyres at all. (also they are 1/2 as much again as the Nexens - which are cheap as chips - but n/a in the size I was after). 1st time they were put to the test they were quite disappointing but, it's early yet & a couple of times since they've acquitted themselves v. well. Only time will tell, but probably bite the bullet & stump up for Yokohama Geolanders next time. Mind you, that's for an XJ, if the time ever comes for new tyres on the KJ, much will depend on availability but Nexens have to the front-runner, really 'cos of the price.