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    Help with possible wheel bearing diagnostic

    Not sure about a search for this one, when I’m on the gas everything is fine but it sounds like a tire to road noise. It doesn’t get louder if I’m turning left or right. Now is the interesting part, when I’m slowing to a stop either one of my wheels or both wheels, will make a chirping noise and...
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    What did you do to your jeep today?

    Not much today.... I had a noisy rear door but now it’s quiet, I had to adjust one piece of it and now it holds tight! NO MORE NOISY DOOR!!!!
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    What did you do to your jeep today?

    I’m new here but not to Jeeps. Today I switched out the front seats from cloth to powers leather. But first I had to scavenge the wires out of my 02 KJ and add them to my 03 KJ. The only issue I am having now is the heated part is not working but that will be for another day.