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    What did you do to your jeep today?

    This week I did a ton of upgrades! 1 New struts and shocks 2 New ceramic brake pads and rotors, all 4 3 four new Kenwood speakers 4 Installed a salvage Gentex-453 self dimming mirror w/compass 5 new coils and spark plugs 6 Retrofited 3rd brake light w/LED model 7 New PCV valve 8 New serpentine...
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    AC Overhaul

    The one I was thinking about had parts and part numbers from Rockauto if I remember right, just wanted to make sure I got the right components but this might be enough for me to figure it out. Thanks!
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    AC Overhaul

    Hi Everyone, I want to completely replace my tired old ac system on my 07 Liberty that hasn't worked well for some time. I seem to remember a couple of years ago someone had a complete part list here for that but I can't find it, anyone recall that thread?
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    How to: Replace HVAC blend door actuator

    You can find it on Amazon for $29.95, that were I got mine. This link goes to the pages that shows one for $41.00 but if you look in the small print, says 2 sellers have it for $29.95 and it just happens to be Amazon and it is on prime so you can get the shipping free if you;re a member...
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    No Heat in 3.7 Liberty 06

    Sounds like the door blend actuator isn't working.
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    HOW TO: Change Transfer Case Position Switch V2.0

    I want to first give Downtown full and complete credit for the original thread found here HOW TO: Change Transfer Case Position Switch, it will get the job done and I encourage you to take a look at it since it has a ton of great information including the proper electrical resistance numbers if...
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    How to: Replace HVAC blend door actuator

    Thanks for this thread, it really helped me get mine changed out. Anyone doing this, it's an all day project, even for competent folks.
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    How To: Replace the Rear Bumper Cover

    I thought I would add the first project I did when I got my Libby last year. It was in nearly perfect condition EXCEPT someone backed into something and caved in the bumper cover. I first tried the old trick of pouring boiling water over it, and it helped some but looking at the condition of it...