Window Regulator Clicking

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Sep 18, 2011
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Annapolis, MD
Rear driver side window had the broken window clip issue Thursday. Fortunately I was prepared and had a new metal replacement clip. Swapped out the clip with my daughter being my reading eyes as she read directions (it has been a while since I did this on 2 of the other doors.) This particular regulator was already replaced under extended warranty back in 2013ish. Much to my chagrin, we discovered that they replaced the 2006 glass with the hole (for which I had a bracket and already verified on the opposite door in 2013) with the early 2006 glass with the stud. (Much dejection and frustration). A trip to the You Pull It junkyard and I found the correct glass. It is now installed.

My question to those who have messed with installing the window drive cable into the aftermarket metal brackets with the little spiral piece: when lowering the window, it doesn't just stop- there is a clicking until you release the switch. How do I fix this and have the window lower without clicking. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.