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Jan 20, 2021
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I am throwing myself at your mercy and praying that someone will take pity on me enough to share some of their ‘04 Liberty (3.7l / 4x4) wisdom with me. I am in desperate need of some guidance and am at a loss as to where to even begin - Any suggestions or feedback would be GREATLY appreciated.

Ok, Just gonna get straight to the point: I am having issues trying to fix a “NO BUS” error on my dashboard. My speedometer went out a couple days ago and so I did some research and all pointed to Speed Sensor; so I went and bought one at O’reillys and replaced it. I didn’t even make it down the road a mile until all of my check engine lights, oil, gas, etc lights came on and then every odometer stopped working. My Jeep is running worst than ever! I have literally changed every single fuse in my car with brand new ones, cleaned entire terminals and clamps to battery but no change. I went back to Oreillys to use their code reader but none of the code readers will link with my Jeep - all it shows is “linking error”. The tech at Oreillys said that it only happens with either the cigar lighter fuse is blown or an electrical issue. Once again, I switched out the fuse just to be on the safe side but no change. While I was at Oreillys I had them test my battery and it came back as good. I just purchased it a couple months ago. Now right before my speedometer stopped working, I had just installed a new double din aftermarket stereo that was receiving no power at all. What is so frustrating is that I have had numerous single din aftermarket stereos with no issues what so ever but as soon as i put a double din, this happens? As of now, I basically have no vehicle because of how it’s driving - I don’t want to cause any additional damage that’s unnecessary. But my family is dependent upon me having a vehicle and also how I make a living. Any thoughts, ideas, suggestions - anything? I will try whatever it takes to get this Jeep back on the road. Also, Does anyone know what that hose is attached to the Transmission dip stick holder? There is a hose that is almost clamped on to the outside housing of the trans fluid dipstick and I have no idea what it is for? That hose is leaking fluid all over the place and has created a mess underneath my vehicle.

Just to give you a little background:
These are parts that have been replaced in the last 6 months:
Water Pump
Tensioner Pulley
Surpentine Belt
Radiator Fan Assembly
PCV Valve
Valve Cover Gaskets
A/C Temperature Sensor
Radiator Cap

In the past year:
Computer (I think it’s called ECM or PCM?)


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Jan 24, 2017
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My scenario was due to replacing my coil packs with autozone brand. I did what all the threads here said to do. Swapping relays etc A week later I swapped them back to a different brand and all
Is well. Coincidence? Maybe. I’ll never know.


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Oct 24, 2008
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The hose, a photo would be handy. Are you talking about the hose that comes out of the coolant tank near firewall ?

Heater Core hose? see *
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Jul 14, 2005
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Yes do a hard reset before doing anything else.
Then report back on what happens or doesn't happen