Website Updates , Lower Prices and NEW HIDS ... Sponsoring Rides?

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Feb 10, 2012
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Website Updates , Lower Prices and NEW HIDS ... Sponsoring Rides?

hey everyone. long time no post right? sorry for this been super busy with orders ,updates and getting married next weekend. as always thanks to the long time customers for your support and every customer since for allowing me to do what i do. if ever there is any requests for products , group buys ,issues or ideas or any feedback my pm box is always open and my email is checks more often then id like to publicly admit too.

website updates.
LOWER PRICES! . we have droped some of our prices saving you even more money ... why? because our price we pay has gotten lower so that gets passed onto you the customer. and more lower prices to come as we now buy LED and HID components in larger bulks as we also sell wholesale to some other businesses . thats right we supply some other places selling LED and HID products ..

Speaking of HID kits. we have upgraded our kits. no really they got better... even i didnt think that was possible. but its been made possible . same great components inside . 100% digital AC ballasts CANBUS to work with 99% of the cars and trucks on the road with no errors. no melted lens and over 3 years of testing and research to bring you something we feel (my self as is the best kit being offered on the market so great in fact we stamp our name on it. no lick and stick labels here jimmy ... wait whos jimmy? ... we dont have the new pics on the website yet. but they are on our facebook

FACEBOOK! .. we reached 400 likers . thanks everyone . when we reach 1000 we will have a bit of a contest.

back to website updates ...
new Knowledge Base of FAQ.HELP VIDEOS and so on. we welcome all feedback and many of this feedback goes into what you see in the Knowledge Base and FAQ . you can surf over to this new set up by clicking "site help & FAQ's" at the bottom of our site or the link ill post here

Sponsoring rides?
what? really? says who? ..... says me.
we already sponsor a few rides. a new section will be added to the website shortly with pics and more info.
who can be sponsored? probably just about anyone . year make and model does not matter. does not matter if your car or truck is done to the **** . or if its a all show and no go or all go and no show. we even will even sponsor a demo derby car or even a work in progress . none of the details are as of yet set in stone and not likly to be ever set in stone as each case will differ from the one before it. we would how ever only look at rides that are going to be going to events and will be seen by the public . sorry no garage under the car cover sponsoring ..

so have a list of what events you have entered your ride in, what events you are going to be entering , whats done to the car. whats planned to be done to the car .. or truck .. ya know talk your ride up a bit.. noting what your willing to do for us always helps. you will be required to have the grafxshop decals on your ride (special sponsored by decals) size is min of 7"x2" and can be as big as a window banner if you like. as far as what you get? besides being sponsored. you get discounts up to 70% off. 20-70% that is. not all products will be greatly discounted as our prices are already rock bottom. as always bulk buying gets better price. same with sponsored rides. sponsored rides will always get a better price then our lowest sale price. and since we have an account with metra and other suppliers for car audio we can pretty well get a deal on anything you may need. not just LEDs . HIDs and Vinyl.
but again nothing set in stone and if your cars going to sema then maybe you mite get something for
thegrafxshop decals will be free ... duh . and some products and promo items down the road as well. but if we gave everything away for free we wouldnt be in business very long... either way we will work out a deal for each case as they come ....

anything else?
oh . there will be some more clearance items added to the website starting next week, leds , decals and odds and ends. we also have some new products we started stocking to add to the website as well as some updates to products we have always sold.

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