Transmission Shift Cable Bushing

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Jul 4, 2019
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Yesterday the cable end fell off my transmission bell crank. The eye faces down. Tried to pop it back on and the internal bushing is goobered up and it won't snap on or stay on the crank stud.

So I ordered a new bushing from "" which seems like it will fix the problem easily. Also ordered a new shifter cable in case the bushing kit doesn't work. My problem is that even overnight mail won't get me these parts for five days with this holiday, and I need the car on the road. I can't for the life of me figure out a temporary fix.

Tie wraps won't wrap around the parts and the pin is too short to put a clip on it or to drill it for a cotter pin. I was thinking of putting a long spring (like an old time clutch spring) on the cable end to pull and hold it up on the pin as it moves back and forth.

Anyone have any ideas for a temporary repair?
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