Top Gear -Jeep Cherokee (KJ)


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Oct 24, 2008
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B.C. Canada
Never seen this one before! Review of Cherokee from Scotland.


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Nov 26, 2009
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White River, South Africa
Yeah the Export KJ initially came out as the 3.7 Gasser with auto box. I did not see this video but here in SA a Test Drive was published. I was just about to buy the previous "Cherokee" with solid front axle as a Work-mate had just bought one. Fortunately for me I saw overseas pictures of the new Jeep and waited for this to hit our Work-mate was very peeved that the Jeep agents did not mention to him that the Cherokee he was buying was about to be replaced by the new KJ!

I had a look inside this new model but did not take it for a drive as the local road tests had published the fuel consumption of this large...for us..gas guzzler and it was horrific! Petrol at the time used to be much more expensive here than diesel.

I then spotted some CRDs on the road and placed an order at the Dealers for one....Dark Green, Tow Package, Mopar mud flaps, Mopar roof rack.

Took months for the Jeep to arrive while our local currency kept losing value against the US Dollar!:(

When it arrived it was fantastic...the Dealers did not have a CRD for me to look at before I ordered mine but they assured me it had a Mercedes Diesel engine....what could go wrong!

When I opened the hood and saw some other engine other than the Merc engine ...the Dealer just shrugged!

The local press adverts also stated that this CRD had disk brakes at the rear with ABS as standard...this only came out about 8 months later and after I complained about their ads. these claims were dropped.;)

Nearly 18 years later I still have this lovely old Lady...she needs to stay with me for a few more years!:)