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    Jun 3, 2020
    My Jeep Liberty was stolen couple of months ago, they broke the back window (which I replaced already) to get in. they pulled down the borttom cover where the igition is; broke the cylinder housing to remove cylinder and were able to start the car, however the key was not present so the engine shut down just meters from the spot on the street where it was parked, after the whole ordeal realized that they also broke the responder's antena which is the plastic circle that goes around the key in order to start the car, asking for any tips and help that i can get, I got the new cylinder and actautor and ignition switch but engine didn't start. Thanks in advance and be safe
    Luis B
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    New key has to be programmed into the Jeep's computer by a dealer or locksmith I think.
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    also might have to replace the antenna ring so the SKIM system will work.
    alternatively, you can bypass the ASD relay, which is what the SKIM system uses to shut down the engine.
    maybe see if a locksmith can re-code the cylinder to match your old key's physical cutouts.
    that way you'd at least be back to matching keys for all locks. might cost as much as reprogramming the SKIM system to new keys.
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    Sorry to hear about the theft/damage to your jeep.
    Did you have theft insurance? If so I'd be wanting the dealer to look after the damage and check things over good.
    Yes a new ignition re-keyed to your present key and skim ring programmed will be the way to go.
    It may be time for an alarm system & clubs !!
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    The early KJs display a "Key" symbol on the cluster if the SKEES system has a fault...later KJs use a Red LED on the cluster.

    Is your symbol "flashing" or "On solid"?;)

    If you have an original spare key it should still work but the "antennae" around the key entry...part of the SKIM module I believe... will need to be replaced....the Dealers would need to fit and program a new SKIM module and program existing keys or new keys.

    New keys would have to match the setting in the PCM and the new SKIM module would need to be programmed by the Dealers.

    I do not believe that bypassing the ASD relay will overide the Security system.

    A flashing SKIS symbol means that the PCM is not happy with the key code...Jeep will start and run for about 20 seconds and then cut out.

    A solid SKIS symbol on the CRDs means that the ASD relay did not post to the ECM that it..the ASD relay...had energized. The Jeep will turn over but not fire.

    A solid SKIS symbol on the Gassers will cause the Jeep to turn over but not fire but it is a bit more complex than just the ASD Relay failing.:confused: