Replacement front struts

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    Had a 3” lift on my 03 freedom edition for years. Replaced the rear shocks last year. It’s a real lift not a Clevis or spacer deal. New springs all the way around. I need to replace the front shocks/struts whatever you call them and am having trouble finding a suitable replacement. I can’t remember where I got the lift from. The shocks are red and white, I’m guessing skyjacker? Long time member here, first time posting in a long time. Any help much appreciated.
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    Well, if you have a skyjacker lift , guess what only Skyjacker shocks will fit so not other choices
    But if you have OME springs etc then Bilstein or OME front shocks work, you just use normal what ever it calls for stock, no difference
    So first thing is to determine exactly which lift you have
    HINT; if springs are older than 3-4 years and many miles, replace the springs as well, weaker springs will wear out shocks faster , so maybe a time to upgrade shocks and springs to OME
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