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    Oct 12, 2019
    We have a Patriot in the shop for transmission issues. I reflashed a new TCM for it today so that meant we had time left on the Tech Authority subscription and I asked to bring my Liberty in and hook it up. It looked like there was an update for the BCM and the PCM from what I saw on the Tech Authority page. I loaded up the Chrysler J2534 application I just used for the Patriot (Autel MaxiFlash Pro J box) and chose the appropriate setting for my 2005 Liberty. It had nothing available. Seems impossible a 2005 Liberty has no updates from Chrysler to me.

    What am I missing?
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    Oct 24, 2008
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    When it comes to flashing- Sometimes if there is nothing wrong don't break it.
    The KJ data would be probably different than a Patriot.
    When I had my BCM flashed due to a lock clicking issue and rear gate lock problem, they used a dealer Star-Scan to upload the data.
    I have no clue what they are using today in the dealerships. Flashing requires exact specific instructions/update with informed hands.