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Nov 29, 2010
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Well, time to share this. I have owned this MJ through several stages, sold it apart, and bought it back.

Link to previous build thread on
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This past saturday my buddy Rob came up so we could pay some attention to his MJ trailer build, figure out the axle, and whatnot. We decided on a trailer axle, 3500#, custom built for the same cost as modifying a purchased one to fit.

Once we reached that conclusion, it was time to come up with something else to do. I recalled that there was a junkyard by me that the old man who owned it had died, his daughter inherited, and was only open saturdays to meet state law of 1 day a week. We got there just in time...they are scrapping EVERYTHING. There is only one MJ in the yard, which I will be going back to grab parts from. Some things in the yard haven't moved in 40+ years. I'm sure Rob will share pics at some point, but he has been busy with the bad luck on the way home with the accident.

After the yard, we took a hike to look at my old MJ. I have bought it back. It will be a project.

Here it is as it sits currently.

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Thanks to Rob and Aaron, I am convinced hanneman bedsides and front fenders are the easiest option. I am dropping a 3.5" lift with custom long arms, 32x11.50 ats, c8.25 rear with 3.73 and discs from a KJ (still on leafs, sorry...will not be linking the rear), 3.73 front from a zj (accept it, I'm ok with the low pinion as I have no intent to wheel much, if any).

This is a full 97+ swap. It is getting 02 KJ tan heated leather to match the seats. The floors and rockers need minor attention.

It's getting a meyer C6.5 plow with e61H pump, and a removable SnowEx salter in the bed. This is the new utility rig, and will represent my business.

May do light wheeling, but unlikely. Don't plan wheeling something nice.

Paint code will be PE5 (Salsa Red Pearl) to match the KJ.

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