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    Little food for thought. Everyone keeps talking spacers lifts, well we know the KJs have weak springs from the get go, add in 50-60-100,000 miles and they are gone, but lets say you want to try and use the springs and go with Daystar . So its $160 bucks.
    Now we also know that they play havoc with the UCAs so many are adding jeepinbyal arms ( which are a great upgrade by the way ) But they are $395 so now we are at 555. We need new longer rear shocks we'll say $160 ( which is cheap )
    So now we are at 715 and we still need bumpstops another $66 front and rear. Now we are at $781 and may or may not have even 2.5 inches of lift depending on spring sag.
    NOW if we just jumped into using OME springs we have $336 in the 4 , and we know we'll get 2.5 inches of lift with nothing added at all. Since you don't need JBA UCAs until you get over 3 inches , don't need them, we have $390 in 4 new shocks ( can get them cheaper at times but use BILSTEINS ) add bumpstops and you're at $ 792. with all new springs, new shocks,bumpstops and a way better ride on and off road than it ever was stock.
    I started doing suspension and brake work professionally in 1972 by the way . Have had other jobs but have always done lifts etc for people ( over 35 KJs plus 5 lifts on my two KJs .
    I know some will argue this until they're in the ground and shovels of dirt hit their backside BUT I'll do it this way
    Thanks, Rev. Mudd taking a break now
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    Ok, it is a sticky.