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Dec 26, 2006
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Does anybody here have any experience with E250-E350 Ford Van 4X4 conversions?
Any useful links you would like to pass on?

I have a 1975 E250 (Actually a E350 from what I have been told)
that has been in the family since new.
It only has 167,000.0 miles on the clock.
80% of which are Highway driven, the rest pulling and launching my dad's
home built 26 foot sail boat.

Although time has takin it's toll on some of the body work, the rest of the vehicle is in pretty decent condition.
It came and still has the 460c.i.d. engine and H/D C6 ****** with 25,000 lbs
towing package (If I recall correctly, it has a whopping 220 rear wheel HP)
Well, I need a new project...
I've done Classic Mini's, our KJ is almost done and don't really want to spend
too much more on that "Jeep", so I thought it would be rather fun to convert the Van to a 4X4 and toss a pop top tent top on it.

Any links or other sites you folks know about would be helpful!


I'll add this....

I know it's a Ford, but it is free, I know the history and it was a fun truck/van in it's day!


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Feb 7, 2011
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Louisville, KY
I don't know too much about these vans or their conversions, but are they real similar to the f series? Could you just get the missing driveshaft, front drivetrain, and transfer case and bolt them up??? Sorry I just skimmed the quigley page and didn't get the details. I saw one that looked like it might put a few kj's to shame. Hell, side by side that one looks like it would put that hummer to shame. Just hope for some high clearance trails.


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Jul 14, 2005
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Check out Expedition Portal under 4 wheel drive camper vans, lots of ideas and ways to convert, harder to do on the older Fords but can be done. UJoint is a company that makes parts to convert later model ones
My buddies and I were building these back in the late 70s so its not hard to do just some time and parts picking
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Here is the owner of UJoint's Ford van
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my next "big" build Ford 7.3 Diesel with 6 inch lift and 35s or 38s

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