New to Jeep in NC


May 13, 2022
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My DD WAS a 2018 Nissan Titan XD which I bought when gas was under $2.00/gal. as a ride to work that could also handle my travel trailer. We pulled it someplace nearly every month back then. Now communist aggression has driven gas to over $4.00/gal with no relief in sight those days are over. I cleaned up the truck I spent my life working for and parked it to the side until further notice. Enter the Jeep. Found a 2004 Liberty, 4 ****** with a 5 speed for peanuts so I grabbed it for cash. I hope the insurance savings and fuel savings will pay me back in less than two years. Assuming it lasts that long and gas stays high that long, as it is rumored to do, I'll call it a good investment. Fingers crossed (that it lasts not that gas stays high). It has 150,000 miles on it so hopefully she has some life left in her. I'm a car guy so once I get something I put my whole self into it. I look forward to getting to know my KJ inside and out and chatting with folks on here as I go. I hate the reason I got it but I found myself appreciating it as I drove it home and washed it. I did a full detail and I've already fallen in love with it!
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Jul 14, 2005
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Southeastern Ohio
4 cylinder gassers do not get any more gas mileage than a V6 sadly and are s l o w ..................
Only good part on them as far as drivetrain is the 4.10 diffs which we all love to find and stick in our V6s LOL
KJs are great vehicles, I have an 03, 04 I bought new and an 05 currently and looking for an 02
I DD my 03 over 95 miles back and forth to work and enjoy them
Ask any question and someone here is able to help you out

What part of NC are you in ?
I make several trips down that way from Southeast Ohio since my wife is a Professor at WSSU in Winston Salem

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