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Jul 14, 2021
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I've followed some threads on this site before, though mainly I can say I'm here for the amazing pictures of everyone's rides. I've got an 04 model, about 176,000 miles. It's given me more trouble than not over the last several years, though I love the thing. I've been calling it the ship of Theseus as it seems few of the original parts are still in it. Been back and forth about selling it but I go through phases depending on how it's running and, well, my current financial state. I recently replaced the alternator on my own and I'm wondering about getting ahead of the work rather than waiting for the next thing to fall off/**** out on me. I'd love some advice about what to expect with it's current mileage and what issues I may see in the next 12 months if it makes it that long.

Photo from a recent tow.


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