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Jul 25, 2021
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I set out to replace my dead '99 Ford F150 with another pickup, I'm a self employed Home Improvement/Handy Man...In no way planned, I ended up behind the wheel of a 2007 KJ Sport (6 speed stick) with 102k miles off Craig's List....and I dig it !
This is the third Jeep in my life. my first was a 1982 CJ7 Renegade..then much later a lifted 1998 TJ Sport.
The Liberty is versatile enough for my work needs in terms of interior room, roof rack and I plan on a small trailer sometime later when money permits....and switches over to a nice little SUV when I'm off duty.
Anyway, I will try and find my way through the past forum posts to get some answers..before I annoy anyone with any " beating-a-dead-horse" questions.
Thanks for having me.


May 27, 2021
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South Florida
Hey, welcome to the forums, funny how similar our stories are except I'm in FL.

Few months ago I got my silver 6 speed 2007 liberty with 100k miles on it, got it to replace my 2wd nissan truck (wasn't dying though).
I'm self employed doing pressure washing and handy work with my jeep, 3rd jeep for me (2 tjs in past).
I didn't plan on a liberty, I searched manual 4x4's in a 300 mile radius for a month, every decent tj was 15-20k lol, I picked mine up for 7k with this ridiculous used vehicle market in south fl. I get it home, changing out all the fluids and find out my front end has cracked diff bearing caps, forum info and some questions I asked got me driving back in 2wd while I save up for 4.10's.

I tow a 5x8 enclosed trailer I put together for pressure washing, and it does better towing than my 3.3 nissan frontier, and comparable to my 4.0 tj's. I plan on getting a 5x8 open just to haul around misc loads, $20 uhaul rentals doing the job till then.

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