My new Key fob wont operate my remote starter .why ?


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Nov 29, 2018
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New York
ANY ADVICE WILL HELP. my liberty had a broken open-door switch > on the key chip FOB so opening manually I had to go quick and insert the key to shut alarm off , I bought a new blank chip FOB key had it cut and programmed so now the [ old key will ] still start the engine from outside the Jeep Liberty 2011 with its remote starter button everything is fine , here's the question my new programed key fob [[wont start the engine outside the liberty ]] with the remote start button yet everything else works, unlocks starts engine inside in ignition , Question if the new fob chip key was cloned instead of reprogrammed because I only had one key maybe the hider key in the remote box under the dash hidden isn't responding to the new chip key for the engine to start outside the jeep . What's going on here the old key will start the jeep remotely but the new programmed wont start it but worked with everything else ?

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