Looking for advice on EOL engine

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Jun 15, 2021
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Looking for direction on my granddaughters 2002 Jeep Renegade 4WD, 225K miles 3.7 engine. Has been throwing codes randomly for a year or so, misfire, 02 bad, ect. Now we have P0300,P0302,P0303,P0161. We have been able to reset them in past, and maybe this time also, but there's other things. Finally got the Jeep to look at it closely, its not pretty.
Spent yesterday with compression and leak down testers. Numbers compression, 1-#150, 3-#145, 5-#155, 2-#165, 4-#160, 6-#160. Cold engine, throttle blade closed.
Leak down #6 75/60, air noise faint?, #3 75/58 tail pipe air noise, #5 75/66, oil fill air noise, #4 75/70 Pushes coolant out expansion tank, same with #2, did not, try to get leak down numbers on it.
It looses water in the expansion tank for a while, now we know why. There is no sign of water on the dip stick.
The Jeep runs and drives good. I have just rebuilt the front end, not my smartest move it seems now? We do not want her to drive it, possibly stranding her. So far it hasn't, just sets codes and runs ruff.
There is a suspect leaking heater core, to be dealt with, maybe.
Trying to attach pics of spark plugs. Autolite 3923 Real sorry for my cell phone pics, didn't know the focus was that bad. I can get more pics of the plugs if needed.
Any chance I can get the heads rebuilt and replace the head gaskets and get more out of this Jeep? Do not want to get a salvage yard motor, possible having problems.


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