Light bar install/Questions

Discussion in 'KK General Discussion' started by TheCanadian, Nov 19, 2019.

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    Jul 30, 2019
    New Brunswick,Canada
    So I'm looking to install a light bar in my grill. I was just wondering whats the size that fits in it and if anyone has any tips of installing it into this location.

    I know I'll most likely have to drill holes in the support to blot it in.

    Also I'm not looking for a light bar that will break the bank anyway since I'll only be using it here and there on the back roads since I normally take those at night to get home since it's quicker haha.


    I also forgot to add that it's a 08 kk with the stock grill.
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    Jul 31, 2016
    Not a grill solution, but I added ditch lights near the outside mirrors. Total cost for lights and wire harness was around $100. The LED's in them are very bright, and work well at night.

    I was mucking around on Amazon today, and saw a bull bar that is basically a light kit holder. I doubt it does anything structural, but it provides a platform to put a light bar where you are looking to do it.

    I think that was around $150. You could then add lights to it for relatively little. I have also seen full grill guards for 250-350 that have pre-drilled light mount holes.

    I haven't seen one that is mounted like you describe, but then again, I haven't looked either.