Liberty radiator differences.


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Sep 30, 2021
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Helo..Liberty Newbie here. I just purchased 2 Jeep is an 02 and the other is an 07. The radiator is leaking in the 07 and was going to swap the radiator in to it from the 02 but noticed they are different.. the cap is on the radiator in the 07 and the 02 its on the bottle up near the firewall. Both Libertys run and right now im just trying to get the 07 to where i can drive it for awhile to see if anythig else is wrong with it. Looking at it quick it looks like i could take the 02 radiator, bottle with the cap and the line from the water pump to the bottle and swap it over to the 07. Is it that easy? Also is one setup better than the other? Thanks in advance.

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