KJ 2.8 CRD battery, not what I was expecting!

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    Today the thought occurred to me that I don't know what battery my KJ has, so I started researching batteries for the KJ. After reading several forums the consensus seemed to be that the 096 was the battery most recommended for the KJ. I wondered if I could fit a more powerful replacement if my old battery ever decides to fail so I started compiling a list of all the common batteries used for Diesel cars and their specs...Here they are, in order of their capacity:

    086: 72AH, 680CCA, L278, W175, H190.
    096: 80AH, 680CCA, L278, W175, H190.
    069: 85AH, 680CCA, L266, W175, H220.
    110: 85AH, 750CCA, L315, W175, H175.
    250H: 91AH, 730CCA, L303, W172, H225.
    017: 95AH, 750CCA, L354. W175, H175.
    019: 95AH, 850CCA, L354, W175, H190.
    098: 95AH, 800CCA, L353, W175, H190.
    084: 95AH, 830CCA, L306, W173, H225.
    020: 105AH, 895CCA, L393, W175, H190.
    C31-1000: 115AH, 930CCA, L330, W175, H235.

    If the 096 is the most recommended battery then the list shows there are several much more powerful batteries that can be used instead (providing the terminals are the right way round and they can fit in the battery tray).

    Anyway, I went out and checked which battery I had in my KJ and got a bit of a shock...It was a 113...In other words, it wasn't even on the list! To make matter worse a 113 only has a capacity of 50AH and a pathetic 500CCA...Yet is is expected to crank over heavy 2.8 litre Diesel lump! Next, I measured the dimensions, which were only: L235, W175, H175...This makes it 43mm shorter than the shortest batteries on the list, yet it seemed to completely fill the battery tray, which means there is no room to fit one of the larger capacity batteries I listed, without replacing the battery tray with a larger one.
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    The stock CRD battery is a group 34R,look over on lost there is a company that sells a replacement battery tray designed for the Odyssey PC1750 which a group 65 battery.