Install Teraflex 231J 2WD Low Kit

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    This kit will create a spot for your transfer case to let you to go into 2WD low. This helps prevent driveline bind from being in 4WD low on high traction surfaces. This allows your transfer case to shift into the 2.72:1 (typical) ratio while still keeping the vehicle in 2WD. I have used it a lot on trails between technical sections and around the farm for pulling wagons and trailers. In these applications where you have lots of traction but what to go slow, this is the answer.

    After installation of the kit, your new shift pattern will be:
    2 HI
    4 HI
    4 LOW
    2 LOW

    The teraflex website has a instruction video and a PDF of the instructions. If only installing the 2wd low kit, you can skip steps 6-10 on their pdf instructions.

    Note: I had my transmission crossmember removed to clean and paint it.

    Properly chock vehicle or put vehicle on jackstands

    Remove front and rear drive shafts

    Drain the fluid (Always remove the fill plug first, to ensure you can add more fluid)

    Remove the 3 bolts that hold the transfer case cable bracket on the transmission

    Remove nut holding on front driveshaft flange, my little impact wrench was able to fit in the space. You can use a pipe wrench to hold the flange if it starts to spin.

    A puller or pry bar will be needed to remove the flange


    Remove the bolt that hold the transfer case halves together, be sure to leave one or two in place. Then take a prybar to separate the case halves.


    Remove the rear half of the transfer case


    Remove the bolt that hold the lever arm on the transfer case and the spring loaded plunger


    Remove the shift fork and selector assembly


    Then you end up with this, from here you extract the selector and swap out the two new parts


    New parts are on top, old parts on the bottom, they go in exactly the same way they came out.
    You will have to buy a nut since the new part has a threaded stud instead of a tapped hole.


    Re-assemble with RTV between the case halves, and put RTV on the nut for the front drive shaft yoke to prevent leaks.


    Reasseble the rest, fill with fluid and enjoy.

    After installing the kit you now have 5 positions instead of 4. This causes the timing of the lever and the "gates" to be off from each other. I trimmed the "gates" out of the transfer case lever housing to allow it to be pulled straight back with out having to move it to the left and right.

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