How to remove the oil pan, pan gasket, and pickup tube on Grand Cherokee

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Dec 10, 2014
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New York
I am starting this thread for anyone who has encountered a rotted oil pan on a grand Cherokee 3.7L or anyone who has encountered a crank sensor that will not come out due to water n debris building up into the blocks hole for the sensor. If your sensor is broken off and stuck in the block ( a common problem encountered in jeeps with any age) then here's a solution. You can pry the sensor out from the block when the oil pan is removed, furthermore these pans tend to rot and leak so it may be time to replace both. Be prepared for a huge Job!! So if your not a skilled mechanic I would recommend paying the $1,000 dollars to fix it!
First step is to remove the intake manifold because you will need the clearance to raise the motor in order to have room to remove the pan. Here are the steps to remove the Intake:

1.Perform the Fuel System Pressure Release procedure.
2.Disconnect negative cable from battery.
3.Remove resonator assembly and air inlet hose.
4.Disconnect throttle and speed control cables.
5.Disconnect electrical connectors for the following components:
•Manifold Absolute Pressure (MAP) Sensor
•Intake Air Temperature (IAT) Sensor
•Throttle Position (TPS) Sensor Coolant Temperature (CTS) Sensor Idle Air Control (IAC) Motor
6.Disconnect vapor purge hose, brake booster hose, speed control servo hose, positive crankcase ventilation (PCV) hose.
7.Remove the generator.
8.Remove the air conditioning compressor.
9.Disconnect left and right radio suppressor straps.
10.Disconnect and remove ignition coil towers.
11.Remove top oil dipstick tube retaining bolt and ground strap.
12.Remove fuel rail.
13.Remove throttle body assembly and mounting bracket.
14.Drain cooling system below coolant temperature level.
15.Remove the heater hoses from the engine front cover and the heater core.
16.Unclip and remove heater hoses and tubes from intake manifold.
17.Support engine using engine support fixture (1), special tool # 8534.(
( You can build this special tool # 8534 with 58" piece of 1"1/2 x 1"1/4 x 3/16" square tube stock, a 5/8 drill bit and the compression thread from an old spring compressor with washers.. ) If you want details of this build just post it And I will instruct you how. A welder will be needed. Or have a local shop weld the one piece. The original tool is $1,200 so its the only option. This build will cost you under $100.00
18.Remove the right side engine mount to frame bolt (3).
19.With the bolt removed, lower engine until engine mount rests in frame mount.
20.Remove intake manifold retaining fasteners in reverse order of tightening sequence.
21.Remove intake manifold.
Reverse procedure to install the Intake Manifold.
Next step:
1.Disconnect negative battery cable.
2.Remove the radiator fan.( only if its a clutch fan)
4.Install Special Tool #8534 Do not raise engine at this time.
5.Remove the structural cover that is attached to the block just pass the sides of the oil pan. (two bolts) and the other two bolts that go into the bell housing.
With your motor mount bolts removed,
7.Raise engine using special tool # 8534 or the tool you made yourself, to provide clearance to remove oil pan.
8.Drain engine oil and remove oil filter.
NOTE: Do not pry on oil pan or oil pan gasket. Gasket is mounted to engine and does not come out with oil pan. (However sometimes the gasket is fused to the oil pan!) It breaks free from the block and remains stuck to the pan itself. If this is the case you will need to drill large 5/8 holes in the old pan directly under the pickup tube fasteners and remove them through the holes using a 13mm socket on an extension! (Yes you will be destroying the pan but its shot anyway and is $50.00 at the dealar.) There are 3 and you will need to look for a diagram to see where to drill because the gasket is built into the windage tray as one piece and the pan will never come out if its stuck to the gasket because the tray is behind the windage tray so the pick up tube needs to be dropped inside the pan in order to release the oil pan, the pick up tube, and the gasket/windage tray in one step all together. Its a nightmare but beats pulling the motor! If its not stuck to the pan and the auto Gods are smiling on you then just procede to step 9.
9.Remove the oil pan mounting bolts and oil pan.
10.Unbolt oil pump pickup tube and remove tube and oil pan gasket from engine.


1.Clean oil pan in solvent and wipe dry with a clean cloth.
2.Clean the oil pan gasket surface. DO NOT use a grinder wheel or other abrasive tool to clean sealing surface.
3.Clean oil screen and tube thoroughly in clean solvent.

Hope this can save you a lot of $$$ and make you prepared for what you will be dealing with.