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Mar 31, 2021
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September 05, 2021 * 9 posts * 102 views
JBrake said: Has anyone else had trouble with a/c resistors blowing. I'm on number 5 in six months Read more >>
September 03, 2021 * 8 posts * 265 views
dac122 said: I owned a 2004 Liberty and loved it. I bought it new with a factory installed tow package, and used it for daily driving and towing a 3500 pound boat. I am looking at low mileage ... Read more >>
September 01, 2021 * 9 posts * 207 views
808inthe949 said: So I'm thinking about porting my throttle body. Ok so maybe further than thinking about it as I have already got all my tools and stuff ready. Is it recommended that I remove the ... Read more >>
August 31, 2021 * 11 posts * 320 views
Justin Holland said: I want to start thinking about installing a locker. Rear and front. Can you confirm this is the correct part for either front or rear ? I also would appreciate it if the parts ... Read more >>
August 31, 2021 * 18 posts * 500 views
24kkarat said: I had an '03 and it lived 180+ miles in the rust belt. The passenger side is much easier than the driver side. Mine was rusted solid. I tried everything including an air hammer. ... Read more >>
August 31, 2021 * 14 posts * 652 views
SWilliams said: First be sure the converter is seated in the pump properly. Then hit a store or junk box and find a longer pair of bolts that you can cut the heads off and thread into the block ... Read more >>
August 31, 2021 * 6 posts * 159 views
Slopoke said: I have a 2005 liberty crd. The heater speed control quit working on 1,2 3 only works on high. Read more >>
September 04, 2021 * 4 posts * 122 views
jeepisland said: Hello everyone. I am having some weird issues with my 06 3.7 liberty, it's all boiling down to electrical issues I think.... but I am lost trying to figure it out. Past week while ... Read more >>
September 05, 2021 * 3 posts * 66 views
MXSST said: Hello all Anyone with any 2007 2.8 CRD KJ Jeep Cherokee immobiliser knowledge ? Battery was allowed to to discharge and go flat, new battery fitted, now when the ignition is switched ... Read more >>
September 04, 2021 * 11 posts * 231 views
Bcottrell said: Mr.tommudd i didnt buy the light bar it was a present for a different vehicle i dont have any more and i still want to use it even a smaller one there isnt a good place to mount ... Read more >>
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