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Mar 31, 2021
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October 31, 2021 * 21 posts * 172 views
bjeffers83 said: My OME 731s gave me a whole 1 inch, ***. Where is my 2.5 inches? Read more >>
October 31, 2021 * 13 posts * 151 views
2TALL1 said: Howdy all New guy to these forums. I have been reading on here for the last few days and still come up stumped on this question. I have an 06 with a 6 speed. I'm wondering if I ... Read more >>
November 01, 2021 * 7 posts * 75 views
LabRat said: I didn't think Jeep could get uglier than the current SUV line, which looks like a constipation face to me, or the front end of the KK with the horribly designed headlights; but ... Read more >>
November 01, 2021 * 5 posts * 82 views
xyzvq said: So I a in the process of finalizing my 3" front and rear lift on the KJ, and of course my dad has to say "so why didn't you upgrade to SS bradded hoses?" :oops: Of course I jumped ... Read more >>
October 30, 2021 * 6 posts * 124 views
Bigfootyetti said: After much internal struggle, I finally pulled the trigger on the Ironman 4x4 1.5" lift (with HD springs) along with a full front and rear refresh package, well deserved after ... Read more >>
November 01, 2021 * 5 posts * 62 views
Doing10to20 said: Going on trip through the mnts here in the next couple of wks. Looking for a jerrycan carrier or gas container carrier ,any suggestions ? Would prefer not to have to carry inside ... Read more >>
October 27, 2021 * 12 posts * 341 views
Billwill said: I also have a 2002 2.5L Export CRD. This did not come out with a fuel pump inside the fuel tank so you will not hear a pump running. You do not have to drop the fuel tank to get ... Read more >>
October 31, 2021 * 9 posts * 484 views
JeepJeepster said: Those are incredibly low miles. My 04 has around 120k miles and its been a decent vehicle. I quit using it as a DD in 2013, but I still manage to put around 4k miles a year on ... Read more >>
October 29, 2021 * 3 posts * 202 views
eyebooger said: Doing some front end work on my 2004 Liberty Sport. Unbolted the clevis and it fell off in two pieces. Huh. Rang up my local Jeep dealer, he says they don't manufacture them any ... Read more >>
October 29, 2021 * 3 posts * 172 views
iakj11 said: Long time lurker on this forum. I had my KJ CRD for a few years and really enjoyed it. All good things come to an end though, and I sold it a few weeks ago. I have some extra suspension ... Read more >>
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