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Mar 31, 2021
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April 26, 2022 * 33 posts * 614 views
Ruby said: Allright, so I see a lot of dislike for the Rockfather lift kits from rocky road. However they all seem to be much older posts and the alternatives they suggest have either failed ... Read more >>
April 28, 2022 * 13 posts * 319 views
Johnny O said: Could someone clarify which filter is correct for the 42RLE transmission? Getting ready to install a PML pan and a Lube Locker gasket on Bert- getting mixed information when searching ... Read more >>
April 29, 2022 * 10 posts * 299 views
dewski said: I am thinking about whether I should try and replace the torque converter in my tranmission or just sell the car as is. Mechanic says its going to need a whole new transmission ... Read more >>
May 01, 2022 * 7 posts * 171 views
Phil2020 said: Hey all, Just wanted to post a cure all for those with their Jeep KJ's having annoying problems with a clunking noise at the rear of their Jeeps. After 3 mechanics telling us that ... Read more >>
May 01, 2022 * 5 posts * 82 views
porc82 said: good morning everyone I am happy owner of kj 2.8 from 2007, I am writing from Italy (Sardinia) thanks for accepting me. Read more >>
April 29, 2022 * 8 posts * 195 views
CTJEEP said: Spoke to the folks at MOVEBUMPERS.COM today... if they get more requests, they will pattern a 2005+ KJ, for steel bumper. WRITTEN REQUESTS NEEDED ... open their site.. Check " ... Read more >>
April 28, 2022 * 9 posts * 271 views
MarksmanAkula said: Can anyone send me the link to a book that has a breakdown of part #'s for the liberty? I've got an 07 I need a new fuel filler neck hose for. I tried to install the valve to fix ... Read more >>
April 30, 2022 * 19 posts * 482 views
Offroad Bob said: If I still had a stock A-arm I'd be changing the bushings and ball joint again. It is easier to buy a whole new arm. Mine is still tight with no slop in it. I have the adjustable ... Read more >>
May 02, 2022 * 6 posts * 70 views
Mike1980 said: I was driving my 03 limited when it made a grinding noise and wouldn't pull itself. Trailered it home and shifted the transfer case to the 4 high position and backed it off the ... Read more >>
May 01, 2022 * 5 posts * 118 views
porc82 said: hi guys, i have a problem with my kj restiling. in acceleration and deceleration it tends to skid, everything happened after I put the b52 off road +4 lift kit. I thought the bushings ... Read more >>
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