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Mar 31, 2021
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June 05, 2022 * 8 posts * 237 views
dante2 said: We have a 2 owner 2003 Liberty 4x4 with justover 254k. Started out with a small evap leak/large evap leak. While figuring that issue out I got a flashing CEL on the way home from ... Read more >>
June 06, 2022 * 9 posts * 102 views
mercdudecbr600 said: Hi all. Just installed jba uca on my kj and found a few minor fitment issues that you all should be aware-of. The jba bushings are a little more than 1/8" wider than stock uca ... Read more >>
June 06, 2022 * 4 posts * 111 views
runfor5 said: Hi - Long-term project thought here, but does anyone know the matching color codes for the plastic dark grey fender flares and bumpers? I am thinking to repaint them all eventually ... Read more >>
June 06, 2022 * 21 posts * 600 views
nobeconobe said: Thanks. Can you be a bit more specific for me? I'll be back at the car tomorrow morning. This tests the actual alternator, right? I put one lead of my meter on the alternator terminal ... Read more >>
June 06, 2022 * 5 posts * 112 views
Jaybird91 said: Im trying to remove the right passenger UCA and one of the bearings on the bushing has seized on the bolt. I cant remove it . I tried smacking the bolt out at least 100 times already. ... Read more >>
June 02, 2022 * 6 posts * 388 views
Jasonmc said: Looks like this has been discussed slightly in other threads but I was having issue finding a good opinion. What is the best aftermarket radiator for 06 Jeep Liberty with external ... Read more >>
May 31, 2022 * 9 posts * 323 views
Swanny said: Hi Just joined the site. I am in Kent England. Bought a 2006 Cherokee for fun. So far all Windows need fixing. Had them all off, great fun. Whoever designed that gem amazes me., ... Read more >>
May 31, 2022 * 10 posts * 363 views
Dr.zoidberg said: I'm sure this will be an easy answer for someone out there. I lifted my 06 kj with the ome medium kit. I believe total lift in rear was a hair over 2.5 inches. Do I need to extend/make ... Read more >>
June 02, 2022 * 20 posts * 596 views
tommudd said: I am so very happy to be a POS...............not And no it is not cool at all to start calling anyone names ( we now know a whole more about you for sure ) first warning Be on ... Read more >>
June 06, 2022 * 3 posts * 54 views
exacerbated said: The 2005 Renegade trim model was something of a beater when we bought it -- never expected to keep it very long. But somewhere in the last four years, I accidentally became a Jeep ... Read more >>
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