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Jun 16, 2021
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Hey everyone. New to forums and new owner of a Libby.

First, This might be a long one. I appreciate the abundance of knowledge on this site as its helped me loads while lurking. Bought an 05 KJ Limited 4x4 w/175k miles. I know its considered high mileage (with most cars, not sure the lifespan of a well maintained KJ) but it had only 2 owners, no accidents or previous title issues (through carfax at least) and the last owner had a good amount of service records at our local stealership. Got it for $1900 in SoCal so not a bad price.

What I have done so far:
-serviced front/rear diffs
-new ****** filter+gasket
-serviced transfer case
-fullSyn oil change+air filter
-Fresh brake fluid+power steering (flush)
-Coolant flush
-new plugs+wires
-cleaned MAF, Throttle body
-new TC switch (for 4wd/2wd switching)
-LED headlight consversion
-new rotors+pad
-new CV axles (napa reman)+axle seals+inner axle shaft (intermediate shaft?)
-greaseable tie rods
-JBA Lifted UCA's
-OME Springs 27/48
-Steins 4600/5100
-Moog lower ball joints
-Sway bar bushings
-removed rear "sway bar" if you can call it that...

I am now researching my preference of tire and planning my armor. I want skids especially for the gas tank and transfer case but also for the other bits. Front and rear bumpers (im thinking prerunner tube style for the front as its lighter than the ARB style ones and a basic flat backed rear bumper with shackles and tiremount). Rock rails and a roof cage.

Are there any useful mods you can recommend to me aside from a winch and expensive accessories? I will buy a winch before the end of the year, its just not in my budget currently (I know its definitely useful to have one though).
can anyone recommend the materials they used to build their armor?
Is there a jeep (or other vehicle) that has the same dimensions as my liberty for a snorkel kit? I see one for an older grand Cherokee but I dont know how to check for compatibility without buying and testing.
My new suspension set up makes creaky noises almost like metal binding with rubber (springs binding and releasing) but I checked for that as far as I know how to. I sprayed silicone on all the bushings and spring isolators to try and ease to creak, kinda helped. Any tips?
My gas gauge is doing the thing where it goes to E and triggers the light but not the CEL. Read that the fuel sender is the fault and a possible fix is to check ground/electrical connections. My KJ also seems like its not building pressure in the lines fast enough for start up. If I hold the key one click before starting and let the fuel pump kick on for its full range (till the noise stops) it starts perfect. Do you think I need a new fuel pump or does it seem like a connection issue? no access door btw.
IS the 3.7 considered restrictive with its intake and exhaust? As in, would a cat back free flow system and a snorkel make a notable difference either to my wallet or to the seat of my pants?

Any info would be great. I made the choices on my mods by reading this forum so thanks everyone.


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May 20, 2020
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Cumberland, MD.
Re your creaking -

did you have the jeep on the ground when you tightened up after replacing your front end parts?

they usually recommend around here to do the final tightening at ride height


Jun 16, 2021
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Yes I removed the stands and had it sitting on the ground. Then I bounced on the bumpers and pushed it side to side to try and settle it. the only thing I couldn't leave semi-loose is the nut that caps the shock into the mount plate at the top of the shock. I read that its torque spec is rather low and I may have over tightened it. Could that be it?

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