Garage Sale - Selling Misc. Things From the Jeep

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    As many of you know, I'm getting rid of the Jeep (sadly...). That means it's time to clear out the garage of any random assorted parts I have. Prices below don't include shipping. Shipping is on your dime if it's needed. All pictures are in this shared Google album:

    Hard silver tire cover: $10

    OEM Dif Cover: $20

    Soft Jeep Tire Cover: Free just pay shipping

    OEM rear speakers - worked fine when uninstalled: $20

    Left Altezza tail light - I think something was wrong with this and that's why it's uninstalled. But I'm not completely sure. The pig tails are might be able to get it to work. The lens itself is pristine: $15

    OEM Tail lights: 2 left, 1 right. $20 each

    OEM electric rad fan: $20

    E-brake shoe set...missing 1 shoe somehow...? - $5

    Left signal lens - clear. The right shattered by a dear: $10

    Left signal lens - smoked. The right shattered by an ex girlfriend's car. This one has always leaked and has been attempted to be sealed. You can also try to seal it: $5

    OEM Head unit: $20

    OEM third tail light with pigtail: $10

    Iron Forge Customs light bar bracket - apparently works by bolting towards the front of your roof rack. I still have the contact info of the guy that made them for me if you need some sort of instructions...he may be able to provide. Since I have no idea what to do with these: $20. I paid 70 for them.