Fishing for road reports - I70 Colorado


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Apr 29, 2021
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Bellevue NE
Heard recently from some of my students that stretches of I 70 are in really bad shape right now but not under construction.
I quote: “…so bad lifted Wranglers doing 20mph…”

Im finalizing my itinerary to get to Utah in a few weeks and am trying to avoid a fiasco like I had on 70 in 2019 where they were clearing rockslides in addition to construction and ended up burning an extra day just passing through and ended up heading north to 80 due to the traffic jams(was great camping in Steamboat Springs on the mountain however)

trying to avoid the nightmare that is the I 15 near SLC and Provo if I can since will be folks rolling in for Pioneer Days.

tossing around heading south and skipping Colorado on the way in this year as I have a three day travel buffer to get to Delta, UT.