Dome light stays on when engine is running


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Jul 16, 2021
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I've looked through a bunch of threads on this topic, but none of the suggestions fit.

I have a 2005 Liberty Sport, with the 2.4L engine. When I bought it, the dome light bulb was burned out. I replaced it with an LED light. It comes on as expected when any door is opened, and it goes out when the door is closed (as expected).

The stalk control is fully turned off. The interior light will come on in response to turning the stalk control all the way ON. The stalk control isn't flaky or intermittent.

When the engine is started, the dome light turns on and goes to half-brightness and it stays that way until the engine is turned back off.

My Jeep doesn't have any sort of physical switch at the dome light, and there's no interior light back at the rear hatch area. I'm stumped. There was one article (via Google) about a fuse being stuck but that's not how fuses work. And I checked fused #34 and it's good.

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