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Sep 6, 2015
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Orlando, FL
Hello from Lake Mary, Florida! (That is just north of Orlando)

I have been lurking for a couple years and just now realized that I never posted an intro post.

I am a long-time Jeep owner, having been through two YJs, one TJ, one WJ and three XJs. And now, here I am with a KJ Liberty. I did not like them when they first came out but they grew on me.

My last Jeep, the TJ, was sold when we moved cross-country to Florida. I did not want to make a 1300-mile trip on mudders with no AC. My plan was to just pick up another TJ at the end of the journey. Well, one thing led to another and I instead ended up with a 2007 Liberty Sport 4x4.

While I miss the wind in my hair, I will admit that I have been very happy with the KJ, especially for its cargo space and respectable capability on the light trails that I hit for camping.

I have owned it for about two and a half years now and have a long list of upgrades that I have been working through. I started off with a Rock Lizard cargo shelf and some of their roof rails, a cheap but sturdy roof rack from Amazon and am in the middle of shopping around for auxiliary lighting options to replace the cheap LED pods I tried out but do not like.

My near-future goals are an OME lift, some steel wheels and maybe slightly larger wheels and maybe an ARB bumper. Long-term, I would love to do a SFA conversion and a taller lift.

I have no intention of rock-crawling or ******** mudding, but I have an active outdoor family and a little more versatility is always a good thing for getting on the trails for Scouts and camping.

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