CTEK Battery Chargers


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Oct 24, 2008
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B.C. Canada
I have been using C-Tek Trickle chargers for many years now, especially in winter to keep them topped up & extend the life of the battery.
I have to say they do the job well and can possibly recondition older batteries.
I call them smart chargers. Will give you the full green when finished, yet continue to monitor and safely charge as necessary, if you leave them on for days or weeks, if you are away.

They can charge motorcycle batteries, car batteries, and AGM (absorb glass mat) like my sealed virgin lead Odyssey battery easily, in snowflake mode.
The 4.3 amp purchased a few years back, came with a soft case, quick disconnect, clamp terminals and instructions and has worked flawlessly.
They are small in size and waterproof.
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They seem to update their chargers every few years and offer reliable products.
They have also just introduced a new gadget- CTEK BATTERY SENSE | BATTERY HEALTH MONITOR APP
for those that want the battery stats on your smart phone! (lol)