Company/Product Review: Super Bright LED's dot Com


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Apr 22, 2018
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Apache Junction, AZ
This review is both for an excellent company and to point out a few of the vehicle specific products of theirs I have used. is a St. Louis-based company that sells all types of led bulbs, fixtures, accessories, you name it. I started using them a couple of years ago on my Mitsubishi Monteros, then for some home items and have now used a few things already for the 08 KK I inherited recently. SBL, as they refer to themselves, ships directly to you, like many merchants do, of course, and they sell items that you can also find in similar form on resellers like EBay and Amazon, but with two important differences: 1) My Dad always used to say "If you buy [email protected], you get [email protected]" SBL does not sell inferior grade items. Without exception, every single bulb or fixture I have purchased from them is top-flight quality. 2) Their warranty is practically unbeatable. Every bulb has at least a two year warranty. The replacement fog light bulbs I installed yesterday have a lifetime warranty. And they're not kidding.

They have a vehicle bulb finder. It's not perfect, and not always complete, but if you find something they don't list and point it out to them, they'll add it. Here's a link to the one for my '08 KK:

They have a bulb finder for looking things up by base size, bulb shape, name or just about any way you need to try to see if they have it. A lot of bulbs have different numbers that cross over to a particular bulb, and they have that pretty well nailed.

Here's a link to the fog light bulbs I used in my '08:

The different tabs under the item main page has dimensional drawings with specs, pictures, reviews and lots of info that might be useful.

I used these bulbs in red for my map lights:
As you can see, they also list other colors the bulb is available in.

If you wanted to see what reverse lights are available, this is what you get:
By paging down past the "recommended" bulb(s), you can see everything that "might" work. For instance, they offer a much more expensive bulb that's lots brighter, but they warn it may well be too big, so measure first.

Anyway, just wanted to let you all know about this place. I have no affiliation with them and I've never gotten anything for free from them, but they do offer a little discount to everybody once in a while. Once you buy something inferior, you'll know why sometimes it pays to buy from somewhere that sells nothing but good stuff. I believe this company is it.

John B.