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    Common acronyms:

    UCA- Upper control arm, or upper A arm
    LCA- Lower control arm
    UBJ- Upper Ball Joint
    LBJ- Lower ball joint
    JBA- Jeepin By Al
    RRO- Rocky Road outfitters
    OME- Old Man Emu
    SFA- Solid Front Axle

    Drive train:
    NP/NV 231: New Process Gear/ New Venture, Command Trac
    NP/NV 242: New Process Gear/New Venture, Selec Trac
    CV: Constant Velocity Joint
    DS: Drive shaft
    CRD: Common Rail Diesel, 02+ for exports, 05-06 in the US.
    LSD: Limited Slip Differential
    DTT: Detroit True Trac
    ESP: Electronic Stability Program
    ABS: Antilock Brake System
    TC: Traction Control

    RL: Rock Lizard
    SS: RL Super Skinks (rock rails)
    Meg’s: Meguire’s
    QD- Quick Detailer
    UC: Meguire’s Ultimate Compound

    LOL: Laugh out loud
    LMAO: Laughing my ass off
    IDK: I don’t know
    IIRC- If I remember correctly
    IMHO- In my humble opinion
    JMO- Just my opinion
    PO: Previous owner

    ThunderBirdJunkie related words:
    TBJ- ThunderBirdJunkie
    ITBJRC- If ThunderBird Junkie Remembers Correctly
    [FONT=&quot]ITBJHO- In ThunderBirdJunkie’s Honest opinion

    __________________________________________________ ______________________

    Tell me if I forgot anything, I'll add it...[/FONT]
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    Awesome!!! I especially love the TBJ related acromyms...
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    I posted these in another thread as well. These cover most of the components on the KJ/KK.

    ABS- antilock brake system
    ABM- antilock brake module
    APPS- accelerator pedal position sensor
    ATF- automatic transmission fluid
    AWL- airbag warning light
    BCM- body control module
    CCN- cabin compartment node (fancy way of saying instrument cluster)
    CKP- crankshaft position sensor
    CMP- camshaft position sensor
    DLC- data link connector
    DTC- diagnostic trouble code
    ECT- engine coolant temperature
    EGR- exhaust gas recirculation
    EMIC- electro-mechanical instrument cluster
    ESP- electronic stability program
    FCM- front control module
    MIL- malfunction indicator lamp
    OCM- occupant classification module
    ORC- occupant restraint controller
    PCM- powertrain control module
    PCV- positive crankcase ventilation
    PDC- power distribution center
    RKE- remote keyless entry
    SAS- steering angle sensor
    SKREEM- sentry key remote electronic entry module
    TCM- transmission control module
    TCS- traction control system
    TDC- top dead center
    TIPM- totally integrated power module
    TRS- transmission range sensor
    WCM- wireless control module