Clockspring Steering Angle Sensor Alignment Question


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May 9, 2022
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My ESP/BAS light and Traction Control light are on, but not the ABS light. I had an issue where all 3 were on, and it came back wheel speed angle sensor, which was the issue. I replaced the sensor and the lights went off. A few months later just the 2 came back on after sliding sideways a bit on ice. The codes this time are all coming back "Implausible data to steering column," and "Clockspring."

From what I can tell, you don't change the clockspring itself, but rather it's in the Steering Angle Sensor, for my vehicle part number 68271255AC.
New they are like $600, but used I can get one for $180. There's a seller I've talked to selling one that's 68271255AA, which he ensures me is compatible with my specific VIN, and that it will work for my Jeep. The part looks very clean, and he also said it already centered, that it was dead center. He did add though that I may need to have the system alignment centered even after the install. Is the AA indeed compatible to the AC?

Also my question is this: Do I have to do the centering at the time of install with the steering wheel off, or can I do it after the fact once the wheel is back on? The reason I'm asking is I have lifetime alignments from PepBoys, but I'd rather another mechanic do the install since I have a problem with a guy at my local PepBoys being dishonest. Still, I can get it installed and get it align centered elsewhere if possible, which is why I'm asking. Also, isn't the alignment wheel centering just some procedure with the key in the cycle position and turning the wheel full left and right or something like that, or again, was he referring to a different type of centering that needs to be done with the wheel off?

Any information anyone can provide regarding the issue, or any other things I should know, or reasons why not to get a used piece, would be much appreciated. The install quotes I'm getting are between 140$ and 200$, and I figure I could technically go through 3 used ones for the price of new one, and I can't afford 600$ for a part at the moment.


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Nov 26, 2009
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The AA and AC numbers are merely Revision Numbers ie. some slight improvement was implemented in the AC part but they are both compatible!.

The Clockspring is not difficult to replace....the new ones come with a plastic shipping wedge holding the assembly in pull out the shipping wedge once the Clockspring is in place.

Make sure you disconnect the battery before working in that area and strap the two battery cable together for a half-hour to get rid of any latent charge that could set off the airbags.

Before pulling the Steering Wheel off its spline.....mark the exact position of the wheel to the spline with a sharp tool so that the Steering Wheel goes back in its original will need a small two-claw wheel puller to pull the steering wheel off.

I would try replacing the Clockspring first!;)

Edit to add: LostJeeps has a very good discussiion on its opening page on ESP/Steering angle issues and how to fix them!;)
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